Wednesday, February 26, 2014

How to Install Shutters

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We purchased a  building some 18 months and are so happy with our purchase. 

 It  has provided the needed space for a workshop for my husband and a lot of storage for seasonal items and for our riding lawnmowers. We are so glad for all the storage room it has provided. 

Last fall we went to a flea market and found some shutters that would fit the windows at a very reasonable price.  They also matched the shutters on the garage.  We were so happy with our frugal find.  My husband had planned to make shutters for the building but this was even better and saved him time and expense.  They were a perfect match.  

We didn't get them on the barn before the winter snow and cold weather began and so this week, with a break in the weather, was the first opportunity we have had to work on putting them on the building.  So if you would like to know how to put shutters up here is the steps you will need to follow.

First Step is to measure the height of the windows to determine the size of shutters you will need.  
After purchasing your shutters you will see that the shutters come with 2 types of fasteners, one is a long wood screw with the head painted to match the color of the shutter, These are to go into wood siding.
 The other type is a plastic fastener, which is mainly used when putting the shutters over aluminum or vinyl siding. When using this type (plastic fastener) you drill a clearance hole in the shutter and drill the appropriate size hole in the wall and just push the fastener through the shutter and into the wall.  

Our walls are made of wood and are flat and this makes the job easier.  

The first step is to prepare the shutter by  laying out the hole pattern on the shutters. Since our surface is flat all 5 sets of  shutters can be laid out with same hole pattern. I prefer to make the pattern concentric.The framework around the shutter is 1 & 3/4 inch wide, so I put all 6 holes in the center of this frame and 2 holes equal distance from the top and bottom and 2 holes in the middle lengthwise.  

The frame is 1 & 3/4 inch wide so I used a 7/8 inch spacer to layout the center of the frame.

Two holes 3 & 1/4 inches from the top and two holes 3&1/4 inches from the bottom and centered in the width of the frame. I also used a spacer for this layout.

Two holes in the center of the total length of the shutter and centered in the width of the framework came out to be 19 inches from the top and the bottom to determine the center of shutter where my center screw would go.

Next we drill clearance holes for the wood screws we are using to attach the shutters to the walls.

Now we are ready to begin attaching them to the barn.

Line up the shutters against the window frame and vertically equal distance above and below the window.

Transfer the holes from your shutter to the barn by putting your drill head through the hole you drilled in your shutter and drill a hole into the barn siding.  Then screw your screw through shutter and siding.  I started at the bottom and worked my way up screwing the shutters to the wall of the barn.


I am looking forward to the return of my flowers to add to its beauty.  I also want to paint the door and put a screen door up.  I am thankful to have the shutters up.  
A nice improvement to our barn.


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