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Reversing Door On Refrigerator

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Helpful Hints Post: We are in the process of turning our garage into a game room and kitchenette.  We have a refrigerator and freezer in this area.  We are placing them side by side so we wanted the doors to open from the center. In order to do that we would have to change the refrigerator door to open from the opposite side.  As we realized, the factory had pre-drilled and tapped the holes so the doors could be reversed.  This made the job easier to accomplish. 

We needed to reverse both handles and the hinges on the refrigerator.

 We begin by taking the top hinge plate off of the refrigerator  and lifting the small freezer door off of the refrigerator.

In order to get the lower door off, you will need to remove the center hinge, that controls both the freezer and refrigerator doors.

After taking the hinge off, lift refrigerator door off the lower hinge.  

Remove the screws that are plugging the pre-drilled holes on the left and place them in the holes where you removed the hinge.  You are now going to put the hinges you took off the right side of the door and put them on the left side of refrigerator..  

Remove the grill from the bottom of refrigerator in order to change the bottom hinge from the right to the left side of refrigerator.  

Remove the bracket from the right side of refrigerator.  The screws that are on the left side put in the holes where  you took the bracket off.  Move the bracket to left side of the refrigerator.

Set the door in the hinge as seen below and then attach the center bracket to hold the door in place.

 Attach middle hinge bracket to the door and then slide the bracket into the screws that are attached to the refrigerator.  This secures the door in place.

Tighten the screws.

Set the refrigerator freezer door on the center hinge and then attach the hinge plate at the top of refrigerator then put on hinge plate cover.

Door handles are a little different on each refrigerator, but on our refrigerator this is the procedure we needed to follow.

Top Freezer Door:  Remove screws from top and bottom of the freezer door handle and remove door handle.  Put handle on the opposite side and screw securely.  Plug the holes where you took the handle off with the screws from the opposite side.  

Bottom Refrigerator Door: Remove the two screws seen below.  

Remove screw from the bottom of the door handle (only one screw on the bottom)

Door handle on our refrigerator is in two pieces.  Slide the bottom cover off.  

We have already removed the screws from the top of the long door, now we take the screw out of the bottom of the door. One section of the handle will slide off and reveal a fourth screw to be removed in order to get the  rest of the handle off. Do this and mount handle to the other side.

The hinges and door handles have been moved and the  doors open from the opposite sides.  

Clean  the refrigerator and wipe dry.  Fill with your favorite foods.  

Here is what they look like now.  

I really like being able to open both doors from the center.

My next project will be to paint the freezer door handle to match the refrigerator door handle. 


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