Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Fawn Comes to Visit

Scripture to Live By:
As a deer pants for flowing streams,  so pants my soul for you, O God.Psalms 42:1

Today a baby fawn paid us a visit.  My husband was sitting on our back porch taking a break when this deer came walking up.  I had just walked in the house.  My husband tried to get my attention by knocking on the window.  When he finally got my attention.  He ask me to bring the camera to him.  He wanted to take a picture of the fawn.  Little did we know how many pictures we would be able to get.  Here are some of the pictures we took.  The fawn literally ate out of our hands and let us pet him. He even checked out the garage we are working on.

He decides to go look at the work area.

He actually licked the bottom of a board we were working on.

My husband said he went around the house but he actually went into the garage.  We have been remodeling our garage and he checked it out.

He is coming out of the garage.

He is checking out my hostas. Deer really enjoy eating hostas plants. 

Strolling through my flower bed.

Peeking out at me from the hostas.

I am trying to get him to come to me.  He is only about 3 feet away.

He continued to tour my flower beds.  

He is so pretty.  He has been here about 15 minutes at this point.

We got him an apple to eat.  He is sampling it.  

How pretty is that?

My husband is laying in the yard taking pictures of this little fawn and he doesn't mind at all.  You can see how close he is to my husband.  

He is checking my husband out.  

I am trying to feed him an apple.

He is letting  me pet him.

I think he wants to go in the house.

He stayed about 30 minutes before he strolled back into a wooded area.  
What a special blessing to enjoy God's little creatures.

I was so excited to have him visit us and to let us enjoy him.  I just had to share him with my blog family.  
Just look at that beautiful face.


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