Monday, December 1, 2014

Screened Garage Door Enclosure

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Home Improvement Post:
We have been working on making our garage into a space we can use as a family/game room and an extra sleeping space when all our family comes to visit.  We wanted to be able to open the garage door and still have it fixed so no bugs could come in.  So we decide to make a screen enclosure so it would be open and yet mosquito and bug free.  

Here is what we did.  We purchased five wooded screen doors, 36 inches wide and wood to frame them in to fit in the space where our garage door is, and yet make it to where we  can still open and close the garage door. Our lumber list is as follows: 
6 - 2 X 4 eight foot long
 6 - 1 X 3 eight foot long
2 - 1 X 6 eight foot long.

We taped/papered the wood area off to paint with the screens in the doors.  We used poster board strips to make them firm enough to push them in between the wood and the screen.  We did this to insure no paint would get on the screens.  

  We painted all the boards with two coats of white paint.  

Painted the existing frame where the screen door frames would go.  

My husband mitered the framework and screwed it to the sides and top and bottom of the existing frame.  

You can see the basic framing of the outside of the opening.

The process begins of hanging the doors.   We knew the five doors would not fill in the entire opening space.  So we began in the center of the opening and worked our way outward to each side. 

We had extra space on each side of the garage door that was wider than all five doors.  So we added boards on each side to fill in the extra space.  They were 1" x 6 " boards.  We painted them white to match the frame work and the doors. 

We caulked around every thing so water and bugs could not get in.

To seal off each set of two screen doors we used 1 x 3 x 80 inches and nailed them in place.  

This is what the screened entrance looked like when we had completed this job.  

We are so pleased with the way it turned out.  Now we don't have to be concerned with creatures getting in there and it looks nice.  It is slowly but surely becoming a recreation room and extra space when we have extra people visiting.  I am looking forward to showing you what we are doing to the inside, but that will be another time. 
Hope you like it, I know we sure do.  


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  4. Hi Jo-Ann,
    The garage Screen door looks great, if you don't mind me asking, how did you attach the 2x4 to the floor?

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  7. Hi Jo-Ann,
    I think your post may have just answered my prayers....what a wonderful idea. I just have one question, does the garage door close and if so, does it close so that the screen is not visible from the driveway?

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